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Stop Neglecting Strength

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Often times when we speak about exercise, someone may bring up brisk walking and hiking. However the level of activity is not enough to be in the best physical health. According to this survey , only 16% of Canadians truly get sufficient activity and the benefits from exercise. This may explain why we have muscle loss as we age and life just gets harder. Muscle mass decreases every decade after 30 by 3% to 8% on average due to inactivity being the main reason. According to this study , 1.7% muscle is lost every 2 days from inactivity and can increase to 5.5% within 7 days.

What is Sarcopenia?

We do not talk much about Sarcopenia which impacts between 9.9% to 40.4% of all people. The reason this is so wide in range is because the testing methods varies, however even with the average, that is a quarter of all humans who experience Sarcopenia. This condition occurs after significant muscle loss over time.

How Can You Lower or Prevent Muscle Loss

These 5 tips below will help you retain your muscle mass and increase muscle fibers as well.

Lift - Increase strength! (with good technique of course)

This study summarizes that regular resistance exercise increases strength therefore tackling muscle loss. Visit our services page to learn more about how you can start your resistance training journey.

Choose real, organic & home-cooked food, and increase protein consumption

Protein is the building block for recovering muscles. This research couples protein intake with resistance exercise proving increased benefits. The study on organic foods also shows the availability of more nutrients and minerals.

Create the perfect balanced schedule for resistance and cardiovascular exercises

Too much cardio reduces muscle growth according to this study Cardio timed too closely to lifting routing can also hurt the lifting performance according to research. We still require cardiovascular activity to reduce body fat. The key is to have a cardio routine which is not excessive or too close to your lifting routine.

Prioritize deep and sufficient sleep for complete healing

This single study includes the circadian rhythm playing a key role in cellular function and processes. It also affects your cognitive function which you will need for the next day's performance, so make sure to get deep undisturbed rest.

Sprinkle in mobility to increase circulation and recovery

Most people can imagine how mobility work and stretching can lead to improvement in joint function and circulation. It also improves muscle function according to this scientific article.

If you would like more information about our Fitness Services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We cater to ages 13 and up with exercise and other wellness options.


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