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Stun Fitness

Aditya Chaudhuri


Personal/Group Fitness Instructor

Athletic Training Specialist

Fascial Stretch Therapist


(647) 236-3399

Head Office

2275 Credit Valley Road, Unit 54

Mississauga, Ontario

L5M 4N5


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Group Running

Sponsors & Affiliations

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We are an athletic performance company molded from the warrior mentality. Hard physical work coupled with effective instruction, are the cornerstone of our core values . Our facility easily hosts sports teams and groups of all sizes. Visit us at to learn more

Hosted by Jamal McQueen, ex-professional basketball player, college and university basketball player. Jam Complete Training is dedicated to providing elite basketball player development programs for Professionals, College/University, and High-school athletes. For more information please visit,

Originally started off as just few friends coming together, hitting out and having social meets after the game, the game grew on us and now some 15 years later, we are a group with utmost passion for the sport.

At Birdie Smashers, we always welcome players of high intermediate level to maintain a consistent level of play. Visit for more info.

iSmartStudent International Inc. distributes the globally recognized Math Wiz and the English Wiz online learning programs and the Math Doctor assessment tool across Canada. Our mission is to ensure every student reaches their full potential and gets accepted by the University or College of their choice. For more information, visit

We are a non-profit organization in pursuit of supporting athletes and their families. We offer a range of products and services focusing on the health and wellness of all athletes by providing athletes with the proper nutrition, hydration, and equipment to succeed. Visit our site to learn more,

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