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When I started doing the workouts Adi gave me, it was kind of hard because I wasn't used to doing those kinds of exercises. But all the workouts we are doing are helping me mentally, spiritually, but mostly physically. I feel more balanced, I can produce strength through muscles I never used, and  got more explosive on the court. The most important thing is I feel safe from injuries during my basketball career because of Adi.

Klea Kaci, 15

Basketball Player at Excel Hoops Prep.


I’m a high level basketball player, Adi was recommended to me by one of my basketball trainers. I’ve been going to Adi now for about two months, and i’ve already seen a huge difference in my feel for the game. I’m faster on my feet, have more control over my body, and have a more consistent shot. I can get better at the little things, which in the end will make a big difference. Because of Adi, I will be able to exceed my basketball career even further while being stronger and having a less risk of injury.

Ella Okubasu, 15

Basketball Player at Crestwood Prep.

Ella ball.png

The workouts I have been doing have helped me improve my game. I’m more explosive, in control, sharper with my moves, and overall stronger.

Bree Robinson, 15

Basketball Player at Excel Hoops Prep.

bree hoopin.jpg

Coming back off my injury after not being able to do anything for 5 months rehabbing back was a daunting task that i was nervous about. Adi not only helped me slowly get into form again but he also discovered and activated parts in my body that I wasn't even aware of. Not only have I noticed a difference on the court but in life in general too. Whether it's doing chores around the house or competing in sports, the difference is extremely noticable. Adi will take you to the next level.

Keenan Morran, 15

Basketball Player at Oakville Prep.


Experiencing army training, playing at a high level in Badminton and Cricket, I can say that over the years my body has been losing its abilities and now in my late 50s I had to take my health more seriously. As a serial entrepreneur and Business Head for multiple global Information Technology firms, a lot of my work is on the computer and a sedentary lifestyle had become my norm. After I started working with Aditya, I noticed a lot of relief in my joints and a lot less aches and pains. I also enjoy training with him as he helps me become stronger, and more able each and every week. My balance has been improving and my body is becoming younger during a time when most people have gained weight or picked up unhealthy habits (Pandemic times). He guides me to the right nutrition so I feel more energy with improved recovery rate. At first I was a bit hesitant and a bit lazy, but as time goes on, the benefits easily outweigh my thoughts now. I look forward to continuing my routines with Stun Fitness and am quite amazed with what specialized fitness and nutrition can do; I will certainly stand testimony and recommend this very important chore of our daily lives to feel great!

Nabarun, 56

Badminton Enthusiast

Sunanna, 23

Author, Student U of T 


“I started personal training in September 2018 with Aditya and have to say it truly changed my life. I dropped from 35% body fat to 30% in just under 4 months and got significantly stronger. I managed to build up to a  2 minute plank from about 20 seconds. I left 15 lbs lighter with more muscle mass and a greater love for myself.”  


Pranav, 23

Canadian Military Reserve 


“Aditya’s therapy helped me alleviate the discomfort I feel due to my scoliosis. The curvature in my spine means I have uneven shoulders, uneven waist, and tension throughout my body. Aditya helped relieve a lot of the muscular irritation I was feeling, and I felt great within a single session and bought a package with him at a very fair price.”


Rhett, 29

“During my personal training with Adi, I was able to learn so much about myself in terms of fitness and health. Adi was able to not only help with my personal goals of wanting to get better with my golf game but also in my everyday life as I have had shoulder surgery in the past and have suffered mobility problems. (until these sessions) He was also extremely knowledgeable in terms of diet and nutrition and is the main reason I have changed my diet for the better!”  

Ahmed, 15

IB, Student Athlete  


“When I first started hitting the gym, Adi was my personal trainer. I thought I knew how to workout but clearly after my sessions with him I realized I was totally ignorant. Thanks to him and his training's, I was able to understand my body more and learned how to train it better. He even taught me how to dunk for the first time and helped me work my way through it.”  


Zeeshan, 27

Automobile Mechanic 

“I was always nervous about working out, especially being 6’6 where I always fear hurting myself from heavy lifting. Aditya was able to help me conquer that fear by teaching me fundamental exercises, stretches, and even how to breathe properly! The FST helped my back, neck pain, and the experience was mind blowing. I could not have known there was so much movement in me. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with him.”  

"The therapy with Adi, allowed my knee pain to vanish. I had knee problems for 15 years from football (soccer), all gone in a few sessions. I really started weight exercises because Adi showed me and proved to me how it can benefit me at my age. He was one of my students of yoga, and I am happy to be his student today."

Bharat Sevashram Sangha Canada 


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