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Tips on Boosting the Immune System

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

It is a hot time to talk about the immune system as the pandemic rages on. The first thing to remember while talking about the immune system is that, yes, your health is under YOUR control. You can be aging, and living a lot better than how you are currently doing. You may have faith in the pills or other methods, but there are other very effective ways out there to improve on your immune system.

We currently try to prevent having contact with bacteria and viruses, however we don’t have a backup plan when we do encounter them. Our immune system is not talked about enough as it is what allows us to defend against diseases.

Here are some tips on boosting the immune system:

1. Reduce your Fear & Stress: Fear and stress damage and suppress our immune health.

  • It is important to be conscious of your thoughts with full awareness and change the fear, doubts, and stress, into hope, faith, and peace.

  • Here are some resources by Bruce Lipton as well as this interview of Dr. Joe Dispenza on how to master your mind.

2. Movement is Medicine! The more you move, the more you live, it’s that simple.

  • These studies show that moderate regular exercise is anti-inflammatory, fights many diseases including dementia, and lowers chances of infections, wow! Link1 Link2

3. Sleep better & Less Screen-time Our bodies thrive when we sleep and wake up at a consistent time.

  • It is important to take breaks from staring at a computer screen. It can be difficult as many people work on the computer and everything is digitized with our phones and computers, however intermittently taking breaks helps improve sleep as well as reduce exposure to blue light. Blue light is shown to cause oxidative damage and is very harmful to the body.

4. Nutrition Which Aids the Immune System

  • Improve and maintain a healthy gut. Healthy gut prevents many auto-immune diseases.

  • Consult with a qualified health practitioner to introduce the right supplementation or nutrients for your immune system.

  • These are the most immune system boosting vitamins and minerals according to this article from the Cleveland Clinic

  • Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D

  • Folate, Iron, Selenium, Zinc

These are the few easy strategies you can implement right away to boost your immune health in your day-to-day life. During the pandemic, do everything you can in your power.

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