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Adopt A Growth Mindset

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

The Terms “Growth Mindset” and “Fixed Mindset” were coined by Dr. Carol Dweck, the well-renowned Psychologist and Professor. Dr. Dweck and her team did lots of research on thousands of students and learned about two categories among them. The Fixed Mindset students would get discouraged over the smallest of hurdles. They had underlying beliefs about smart or gifted students being born that way. The Growth Mindset students however understood that learning was a process in which effort and time grew intelligence and abilities. Research on brain plasticity in the neuroscience world has opened up our eyes supporting this. Neuron connections are constantly changing based on experience. Making good decisions, asking questions, making mistakes all lead to strengthening neural networks.

Growth Mindset & Fixed Mindset In Health & Fitness

In the health and fitness world, we see how prevalent these mindsets are. Lots of people may be unaware that they have fixed beliefs on what it means to be healthy. Here are some examples.

Fixed Mindset is watching YouTube videos to learn how to exercise properly. Some YouTube trainers are great, but they do not explain the context behind exercise choices to the degree that actually benefits the person watching. Let's also not forget that the video is not very customized to the individual's physique. Growth Mindset is taking a fitness course to learn in great detail . Another great option is getting a personal trainer as they are mentors who can fast forward your learning.

Fixed Mindset is believing fit people have great genes or a young metabolism. Growth Mindset is learning the secret behind an individual's success. It means to observe their eating, sleeping and overall physical habits and being just as aware of your own.

Growth Mindset is falling short, but not giving up. One must look back and modify and apply changes to keep on getting closer. It is about believing in the power of incremental growth and understanding life is neither black nor white and so one must always stay curious and hungry to learn.

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