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Stun Fitness Sponsors Badminton in Mississauga's Su Badminton Club

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Stun Fitness Team joins local businesses to support the rising sports trends in Canada. It was a fantastic event organized by Birdie Smasher's Badminton Club. Some of the best local badminton players from across the Greater Toronto Area all gathered to display their talent and skills. Players competitive in all age categories showcased their abilities drawing large crowds watching the tournament. Special guest Iqra Khalid, Mississauga MP, also attended and caught the team by surprise.

Stun Fitness Director, Aditya Chaudhuri, displayed initiative and got involved immediately assisting players with stretch and mobility work. Crowds gathered to learn and apply what they saw to gain an advantage in the tournament. It was wonderful experience to be around everyone who valued health & fitness.

Iqra was curious as to how she could reduce knee pain and asked Aditya for his advice. We asked Aditya what the experience was like. He said, "It was amazing be approached by her, she is working very hard for Mississauga, and it goes to show we are all human and experience aches and pains. I was more than happy to share my tips and tricks with Iqra and she was very excited to learn about them."

Shortly afterwards she provided Aditya with a certificate thanking him for supporting fitness & therapy in Mississauga.

The evening concluded with Aditya and other sponsors handing out awards and medals to the winners from the tournament. Birdie Smashers also presented Aditya a plaque as a gesture of appreciation. The event was a great success for the community.

About Stun Fitness

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