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Functional Fitness LIVE

Level 2

Take Your Exercise Application and Knowledge to The Next Level

• 3 Days a Week LIVE Through Our Private Website Link

• 45 Minutes to 55 Minutes in Length Including  Advanced Warm-Up and Cool-Down Methods

• Focus on Strength, Muscular Imbalances, Coordination, Mobility, & Stability

• Learn How to Train Multiple Different Energy Systems

• See Real Changes in Fat-Loss, Strength Gains, and Learn the Complex Art of Movement

• 3 Different Variations  for Each Exercise to Increase or Decrease Level of Difficulty

• Use Exercise Equipment & Alternatives at HOME;(Stair/Step, 2 Chairs/Bench/Couch, Broomstick, Cans, Weights/Bags of Potato/Case of Water, Band/Body weight, Pen/Towel)


*This is not for new exercisers, and requires foundational strength from Level 1 LIVE training

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